Amber Rose Reveals She Loves To Sniff Her Boyfriend’s Underwear

Well known American celebrity and the convener of SlutWalk Amber Rose, 34, is all about the seductive scent of previously worn underwear, and she doesn’t care who knows it, on an episode of her podcast Loveline with Amber Rose she revealed she sniffs her 21 Savage’ underwear.

21 Savage’ and Amber Rose have been dating for a while now. According to Amber, she sniffs her boyfriend, 21 Savage’ underwear.

On an episode of her podcast, Loveline with Amber Rose, Amber and her co-host Dr. Chris revealed how smelling your partner’s clothes can help relieve stress.

“I’ve sniffed his underwear like where his balls are,” “It smells SO good!”

“Are we gross? That’s hot to me, I’m sorry,” Amber added. “It has the smell of their pubic hair walking around throughout the day… Woo!”

This is a hot one coming from the drama queen, who always seems to be in the news for controversial issues. Amber Rose has also declared that she believes masturbation is the safest sex in the world. She voiced out her opinion on Instagram with a short video she shared with her fans.

In the short video that looks like a promo for an adult-toy production line, the slut walk activist was seen frolicking around in the video with adult toys, in a rather sexy erotic manner.

She shared the video and captioned it;

”Masturbation is the safest sex in the world. Have fun!”

Which got some of her fans commending her and some criticizing her, Amber Rose who also likes sniffing was pictured in a pose that seemed as if she was masturbating.

In the photos, Amber Rose had her hands placed inside her pants as if she was self-servicing herself and in another photo, she posed as though she was licking the finger she had used on herself.


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