CDQ Apologises To BBNaija Ex-Housemate, Ifu Enada Over “One Night Stand” Statement

CDQ has apologised to evicted BBNaija housemate, Ifu Enada for referring to her as a “one-night stand.”

The rapper posted a lengthy draft  on Instagram in which he stated that he was surprised at the news that the BBNaija star made a claim that she sponsored him. He referred to her claims as “fabricated stories”, stressing that they only met once but it never led to any form of intimacy.

CDQ stated that he did not understand where the drama came from, hinting that she tried to take advantage of him because he is an artiste, an”act” which he condemened. He left a note of advice for her not to take advantage of artistes because they have feelings too.

He however apologised to the reality show star, stating that he only made the wild claim to help her understand that “you do not play with fire expecting not to sweat”

See his post below.


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