Daddy Freeze Supports Abortion For Pregnant Girl Raped By Armed Robbers

Controversial OAP and leader of the free the sheeple movement, Daddy Freeze, appears to be losing fans and followers of his social media campaign. Recently,a stance he took on abortion has seen him come under criticism from some of his followers.

Reacting to a news whereby a 17 year old girl was raped by armed robbers, Daddy Freeze advised that the pregnancy should be aborted. He further advised that she should ignore counter advice from her Church and parents and proceed with getting rid of the pregnancy.

He wrote:-

”Listen Guys, you own your body, not the church and not your parents, you own it!

This woman and any woman in a similar situation has the right to an abortion! ~FRZ”

A follower called Freeze out for supporting abortion and said he has lost his respect for the OAP for supporting such. But Freeze slammed the follower.

He wrote:-

”@bro_temi please lose the respect, I don’t need respect from your kind. She should have an abortion it’s the right thing to do!”


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