“Your Father Died With Your Career” – Fan Blasts Dr Sid As He Responds

The “surulere” crooner “Drsid” was insulted by a young lady who took her time to call out the singer on twitter involving his father in the exchange of words.

She asked whether he is still an artiste before saying, as his father died, so did his career. She wrote:

“Are you still an artist? As your father died, he died with you career too”

Dr Sid, who usually is unbothered about trolls was forced to speak to this one cause she dragged his late father into it and he would not have that. He wrote:

“Everyone 1ce in awhile an idiot like u comes along and seeks attention by saying something disrespectful, usually i’d ignore u and use the block button but i will never condone u referencing my late father. u don’t respect me, thats fine but remember u sef go die 1 day. FOH”

Still not moved by Dr Sid’s response, this troll persisted and said his career died with his dad and even went on further to say that the singer is a wasted soul. She wrote:

“But its true na…he’s father died with his career shuu!!! Am I lying. Shutup is Dr sid an artist tok true….he’s a wasted soul. Now I feel so much puty for u”


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