Jim Iyke Blasts A Female Follower For Telling Him to Get Married

Nollywood actor, Jim Iyke and some of his followers on Instagram decide to drag themselves back and front just after Jim Iyke shared a good looking nice photo rocking his designer wears.

But one of his followers asked him to go and marry while another told him his Gucci shoes were fake then the mild social media drama started.

He shared the photo on his page and captioned it;


It all started when a follower commented on his picture asking him to go and marry.

i_am_empress_kay wrote;

@jim.iyke, go marry naw, with all Dis swag, go marry joor

Jim Iyke replied stating;

@i_am_empress_kay Take away the stumpy footballer legs, the double chin, the beer belly, the humongous chimp head, the beady eyes, the cheap clothes, the poisonous attitude, broke pockets, non existent neck, body odour, 34 IQ, Dragon breath, constant depression and zero prospects maybe just maybe I might make a move for you and get it over with as 2nd wife then keh myself the next week😂😂🤣



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