Laura Ikeji Explains That She’s Still In Disbelief She Married Ogbonna Kanu

Fashion enterpreneur and author, Laura Ikeji has shared a teeny weeny bit of how her relationship with her husband Ogbonna Kanu started.

The mum of one is probably yet to accept the fact that she’s married to the man of her dreams.

Sharing a throwback photo of herself and her hubby, she reminisced on how it all started and told that at the time she was just friends with no strings attached with her hubby, if she had been told she’d end up being his wife she’d never believe it.

Read below:

“This picture was taken September 2014. Dear Lord, I’m actually married to Ogbonna Kanu like yo!!!! If anybody had told me this particular day that I’ll be his wife I’d have laughed so look hard ehn. Like, me and this nicca were in different relationships when we took this pic , we never talked about being attracted to each other, we were just bestfriends who looked out for each other, come to think of it, we were actually inseparable then. Lol. I love you @ogbobekee1 it all makes sense now. #frombestietohusband”


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