Relationship Counsellor Luterodt Describes Yvonne Nelson As “Stupid” For Giving Birth Out Of Wedlock

Not everyone is sane these days.

Controversial relationship Counselor, Cyril George Lutterodt has again shown his mediocrity while reacting to news of Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson welcoming her first child out of wedlock.

In a new interview with Abeiku Santana, Cyril stated that he is disappointed in Yvonne if truly she has given birth out of wedlock.

He said:

“Yvonne Nelson denied the pregnancy because she knows the guilt that comes with this. She knows the process to pregnancy is after marriage. And if she has given birth unmarried, then I am very disappointed in her
There is no excuse for any woman to have a baby when she is not married because such pregnancies culturally are described as ‘stupid’ so are the children who come out.”


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