20 freaky handbags for the most daring fashionistas

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1. 3D bag by Mary Katrantzou

A small sponge-shaped handbag features original design and delicate pink-cream colors.

2. A case bag by Dolce & Gabbana

This is a luxurious translucent bag with a beautiful porcelain doll inside.

3. Bright lemon backpack

It’s a charming backpack in the shape of a juicy lemon slice.

4. Aquarium backpack by the English designer Cassandra Verity Green

It’s a transparent backpack with an aquarium where live fish swim for real!

5. Shrimp clutch by Larissa Hajdio

It’s a pink shrimp-shaped handbag made of genuine leather.

6. Cherry bag by Undercover

This is a unique bag in the shape of yummy cherries.

7. Transparent bag by Simone Rocha

It’s a spacious bag made of transparent plastic that would be ideal for lovers of minimalism and order.

8. Unicorn clutch

It’s an unusual clutch in the shape of a unicorn.

9. Leather cat bag

This is a simply extraordinary bag in the shape of a cat that you will definitely not stay unnoticed with!

10. Hamlet Skull bag by Ines Figaroedo

Meet this luxurious handbag in the shape of a gilded skull. Alas, poor Yorick!

11. Goldfish Bag by Atelier Iwakiri

It’s a fabulous and spacious bag in the form of a fish.

12. Banana leaf clutch

This is a fantastic hand-made clutch made from genuine leather.

13. Boat bag by Moschino

A charming leather handbag in the shape of a boat would make you a real fashionista!

14. 2D Cartoon Bag

It’s a teenager bag that looks like it’s been painted.

15. Bird bag by Mary Frances

It’s a bright bag in the shape of a multi-colored bird.

16. Clip bag by Peter Bristol

This is a fancy bag in the form of an office binder clip that will appeal to business girls.

17. Basket bag in Savas Milano style

This is an amazing basket bag that combines the simplicity and luxury at the same time.

18. Lock bag by Moschino

It’s a round bag in the shape of a code lock.

19. The book bag by Olympia Le-Tan

It’s an elegant clutch in the shape of a book.

20. Brief “panties” bag by Moschino

It’s a bizarre bag in the shape of a brief for the most daring fashionistas.

These are indeed bold solutions! Whatever you choose – everyone will either be ecstatic or at least shocked! Well, let them envy your boldness and courage!


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