Checkout! MTN Browsing Trick for June 2017 is Now Released

    Many people have been asking me to tell them a cheap Browsing Trick or plan on the Mtn Network, so I started doing some underground research till I finally got to know about this.

    Anyways, a cheat was leaked last week from Mtn but it didn’t even last at all. Let me say, it’s just a day cheat because Mtn made sure that the trick was blocked instantly in no time, as usual.

    Now, Mtn Launches a New Cheap data Plan known as Quick Wind . This plan is probably the cheapest dataplan any Nigerian Browsing network has.

    With quickwind (as it is called), you can get 500mb for just N100. So you’ve got to
    quickly rush and activate yours​ now before MTN takes it;as usual.

    What else? The data plan code right?


    let’s go with some tutor.

    Nothing much though, just the USSD.

    HOW TO GET 500MB FOR N100


    ⇒Recharge you Mtn sim with N100⇒ Then dial

    ⇒ And now you will receive a successful message

    “Y’ello, your subscription to Quick WinD
    500MB (N100) was successful.”

    To check data,




    Expected Questions From You
    1. Does it work on PC?

    Yes! It works perfectly on PC√

    2. Does it Select sim?

    Not sure! I have gotten mine and same goes to my
    friends here also.

    You can give it a try for more

    3. Can it Power all Apps and browsers?

    Yes! 100%√

    Mtn free MB evidence
    I’ll advice you to to get yours right away, as it is not expected to last long!

    When it works for your sims, please comment below.

    As you can see in the screenshot bove,

    it can be accumulated.


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