Hushpuppi Blasts His Follower for Comparing Him to Bill Gates (Photos)

    Ray Hushpuppi shared this DM between himself and a lady who mocked his flamboyant lifestyle with photos of richest men in the world.

    A lady identified as @mimi_labelle on social media sent a private message to Hushpuppi, admonishing him on his lavish lifestyle.

    She also sent a photo of two of the richest men in the world, Bill Gates and Warren Buffet to make her point but Hushpuppi gave it to her hot.

    She wrote;

    Now that’s real money and class. Designer overload is never an attractive look

    Hushpuppi replied her;

    162 Billion and no Gucci belt, but I have Gucci and I don’t have 162 Billion, it’s a win win. How about your stupid broke stupid a*s who don’t have 162 billion and no Gucci belt? YOU ARE A LOSER!!!

    See screenshot below;


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