Kylie Jenner Reveals She Shares Underwear With Her Sister, Kendall

    They might be millionaires and a part of the world’s most popular family but Kendall and Kylie Jenner are really just like everyone of us and they do all the regular things that sisters do, including sharing underwear.

    In a new episode of Life Of Kylie, the 20-year-old beauty entrepreneur revealed that she allows Kendall get anything she wants from her but unfortunately, Kendall doesn’t return the favour.

    “I let her borrow whatever she wants. She always comes through and is like I need an outfit please, and I’ll let her borrow whatever. And then I go over there, and I’m like Kendall, I need a pair of sweats to go home, and she’ll give me the most uncomfortable old underwear, the worst sweats you’ve ever seen and anything that’s so bad and old and small. And I’m like you’re so mean.”

    She also admits that they probably wouldn’t be friends if they weren’t related. “Kendall and I, I don’t think we’d be friends if we weren’t sisters.”


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