Mercy Aigbe Marries Again Just Like a Movie (Photos)

    Not even the weeks of unending mentions and controversy following the domestic violence scandal in her family and the consequent break up can stop actress Mercy Aigbe.

    The actress has really shown that she us unstoppable; from managing her fashion business to jumping from set to set and to the great job of being a mother to her two children, Mercy Aigbe is queen of all.

    Guess what, the beautiful 39 year old woman just got married and we can’t help but gush at her beautiful she looks in the wedding dress and total look!

    The talented actress had been hinting about a new movie titled ‘Graduates’, she also shared several photos of herself with her co actor, her groom in the movie.

    Well, for a moment, it almost seemed to us to be the real thing until we remembered before too late that the lady in the wedding dress is an actress!


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